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Aldurra Red Thyme  400 g
Nader Bulgur (Coarse) 800 G.m
Nader Chick Peas (12) 800 G.m
Royal thyme 1 k.g ALBAYROUTY 1000g
Bzuriyeh hot falafel ready mix 500 g
Bzuriyeh Fine Ground Bulgur 800g
Bzuriyeh Brown Bulgur 800g
Bzuriyeh Chick Peas 750g
Sasi Fine semolina with 1 K carton
Sasi Semolina Coarse 1 kg
Sasi Semolina Extra Fine 1 kg
green light Lentils 1 kg
Broad beans AlBAYROUTY 99 400g
Habeh Bhabeh Peanuts 600gm
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