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Frozen Meat

Tip Top Beef Burger 950 gr 20 Pcs.
Siniora Beef Burger 450 gm
Siniora Arabic Beef Burger 450 gm
Siniora Beef Burger 900 gm
Siniora Beef Kabab 500 gm
Siniora Lamb Kubbe Balls 900 gm
Siniora Minced Beef 400 gm
Siniora Jumbo Beef Burger 1000 gm
Nabil Jumbo Beef Burger 10 Pcs 1000G
Siniora Beef Shawerma 400 gm
Almarai Extra Beef Burger 1200g
Nabil Fine Minced Beef 400g
Nabil Beef Balls 500g
Nabil Beef Kufta 500g
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