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Ready Food

Tip Top Beef Sambousik 240g
Switz Frozen Samboosa Leaves 500g
Al Sunbulah Spring Rolls Pastry 160g
Nabil Lamb Kubbe Balls 500g
Nabil Vegetables Pizza 360g
Nabil Margarita Pizza 360g
Nabil Stuffed Potato Kubbe 450g
Nabil Stuffed Kubbe Burgol 500g
Nabil Lasagne 350g

Nabil Lasagne 350g



Nabil Halab Kubeh Balls 450g
Nabil Four Cheese Pizza 370g
Nabil Spinach Pizza 360g
Nabil Tuna Pizza 360g
Nabil Falafel 900g

Nabil Falafel 900g



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