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Raghad Mortadella 900+450g
Fancy Turkey Mortadella Pepper 2kg
Fancy Turkey Mortadella Plain 2kg
Alnemah Mortadella 1kg
Fancy Turkey Breast Smoked 1kg
Kerrygold Red Cheddar Cheese 1kg
Puck White Cheddar 1kg
Toulkarem Roast Turkey Breast 1kg
Alwadi Turkey Mortadella 1kg
AlNemah Turkey Breast 1kg
Raghad Beef Mortadella Plain 1kg
Raghad Beef Mortadella Pepper 1kg
Ghee Local 250g

Ghee Local 250g



Hot Sauce Local 1kg
Alyusr Jambo Black Olive 1kg
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